Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, but it can still be easy to overlook their potential beyond conventional uses like talking on the phone, watching videos, taking photos and videos, and browsing the internet.However, these pocket-sized powerhouses are capable of so much more.This Techspert column will cover five lesser-known yet intriguing ways to leverage your smartphone capabilities.#1 Document Scanner Say goodbye to bulky scanners and tedious scanning processes.

With just a few taps, your smartphone can effortlessly digitize documents, receipts, and notes.Most smartphones come with a pre-installed scanner app, and many other options are available for download on iOS and Android platforms.Using a scanner app allows you to capture high-quality scans, enhance text readability, and even convert scanned documents into editable formats like PDF or Word.#2 Digital Microscope With the help of a simple macro lens attachment, you can transform your smartphone into a powerful digital microscope.

Whether youre a science enthusiast, hobbyist, or just curious about the world around you, this accessible gadget allows you to explore the microscopic details of flowers, insects, or even food items.Capture stunning close-up images and gain a whole new perspective on the intricacies of the world.Macro lenses are available online within a variety of price ranges.#3 Personal Safety Gadget Enhance your safety with versatile smartphone apps designed to protect you.

From discreetly alerting trusted contacts in case of emergencies to providing real-time location tracking and even emitting a loud alarm to deter potential threats, these apps offer peace of mind wherever you go.Whether walking alone at night or exploring unfamiliar areas, having your smartphone as a safety companion can be a lifesaver.#4 Convenient Toolbox Forget rummaging through your toolbox for a measuring tape, compass, metal detector, etc.With augmented reality (AR) apps, your smartphone can now be a reliable measuring tool.

AR apps go far beyond measuring distances, some can be used for virtual home interior design, gaming, previewing furniture in your home before purchase, etc.Other apps use your phones magnetometer sensor to detect fluctuations in the magnetic field, potentially indicating the presence of metal objects nearby.Thanks to the same magnetometer sensor, you no longer need to buy a compass should you ever need one.

Your phone already has one pre-installed.#5 Plant Care Assistant

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