Coinciding with the coming of summer, we can hear a worldwide collective hallelujah. Normal lives seem to be in view.

Travelers are not just dreaming of travel; they are booking trips.

Those who put on the COVID 19 pounds are in full battle mode to shed the excess.

Seeing family and friends, attending events is all top priority. All good stuff!

To help you get back to a more normal life, we offer loads of ideas for positive mental, physical, social, and financial wellness in this issue.


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Whats Inside

From Lovey-Dovey Pair to the Chapel of Love

How the Dixie Cups sang to the top of the pop charts in 1964

Dreaming of Travel Follow the Pilgrimage Route: The Way of St. James, Spain

A pilgrimage to clear the mind and soul

3 Hot Chefs Sizzle Up Recipes Perfect for Summer

Easy and quick recipes that wow

The Age of Fitness

A historical look at fitness

10 Tips for Healthy Foot Care

Keeping your best feet forward

What Do The Older Generations Know About Aging Younger Ones Dont?

Amazing people doing amazing things at older ages

7 Hollywood Films and What They Can Teach You

How to feel greater love, joy, and peace

Study Shows Some Hobbies Can Increase IQ by 10%

More reasons to follow your passion

Maxed Out and Exhausted? It Could Be Empathy Fatigue

Ideas for caregivers when they are pushed us to their emotional limits

Is the Boat Life Right for You?

Serenity, simplicity, adventure, and spectacular views for liveaboards

First Class Retirements for Working Dogs

Honoring canines who have served

Tap Dance Your Way to Better Health

Its never too late to tap!

Self-Improvement Ideas

Time to fix your chicken scratch, become a better linguist, and work on that bucket list!

Inspiration: Lessons from Woman Who Holds Black Belt

Kicking and Punching Our Way Through: The Gift of an Indomitable Spirit

Finance: 5 Tips To Get Organized

How to get your life organized without losing your mind

Health: What to Know About Certain Pain Killers

7 things you need to know if you regularly take NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

Essay: Thoughts on Growing Older

On turning 77


Honoring relationships while you give care

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