For many of us, the change of seasons inspires us to start anew, do some spring cleaning, and rebuild the nest.This decluttering may take the shape of the long-overdue cleaning out of closets, the basement, or the garage.Or it may mean taking stock of your career and retirement goals, reevaluating your sports and hobbies, and whatever might be missing in your life.And, of course, the excuses and roadblocks for not decluttering are endless.

Ill get to it next year ...

Once my kids go off to college ...

once we downsize ...Ill fit in that outfit for sure this summer!Sometimes, it takes a curve in the road to get your attention.

Lifes meandering path intersects with the loss of parents, the forced liquidation of their possessions, and children leaving for collegeand then returningmoving out and moving back in.What are the obstacles in your life that are stopping you from moving forward?Our latest issue has some ideas that may just help.Decluttering our livesWe kick the issue off with feature article on Phillip C.McGraw, PhD, whose trademark approach has always been to take seemingly complicated issues and drill down to the bare bones, seeking and providing solutions.He, once again, applies his technique to help analyze how core values have become cluttered and what to do about it in his new book, Weve Got IssuesHow You Can Stand Strong for Americas Soul and Sanity.Decluttering our financesDr.

Heidi MacVittie, a budgeting and financial expert offers excellent tips for getting debt under control.Her suggestions for cleaning up your debt are excellent from the Snowball to Avalanche method.And, as always, you will find the motivation to try a new skill or follow a new passion.Moving forward to new passionsFencing anyone?Kay Eldredge shares her personal story, Grownups Fencing But Not Competing, of trying something new A woman I know in her sixties told me that every year, she did something shed wanted to try, different from her profession as a psychotherapist, but without feeling committed to doing it indefinitely.This year, it was Clown School.

Id take fencing, I say immediately.You will also be inspired by author Claire Fullerton, who continually seeks to broaden her horizons.She recounts in her article, Different Hats, how, a little later in life, she went from being a neophyte in her knowledge of Shakespeare to a prolific Shakespearean actor in the name of keeping the embers burning.And, of course, we have several new cookbooks to share with healthy and delicious recipes, travel, fitness, mental wellness, health tips and more ..

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