One uncertainty adult children may find themselves grappling with is how to tell when the time is right for a parent to move to assisted living. Because assisted living communities offer so many benefits that improve residents mental and physical well-being, there might be a better question to ask. That question is: Will a senior loved one enjoy a better quality of life if they make a move now?

A common refrain youll hear among residents who have successfully made this transition is that they wished theyd made the move earlier. So, is there a right time? And how can you tell if that time has arrived?

Signs a Senior Might Need Assisted Living

Here are some of the most common warning signs that indicate the time for a move is at hand:

  • Experiencing a fall or having several close calls
  • Trouble keeping up with home or yard maintenance
  • Making mistakes with finances or falling victim to a scam
  • Problems staying on track with a medication schedule or forgetting to order refills
  • Difficulty preparing healthy meals resulting in poor nutrition
  • Challenges with bathing or grooming that cause a change in appearance.

Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

While there are a variety of red flags that indicate an older adult might not be safe living alone in their home, it isnt a good idea to wait until a senior reaches that point. Searching for a senior living community in the midst of a crisis is stressful. You might also find that your family members preferred community doesnt have any suites available.

By choosing to make a move before an emergency arises, a senior will benefit in a number of ways:

  • Environment: An assisted living community is designed with senior safety in mind. Standard features and amenities usually include emergency call systems, fire prevention programs, handrails in hallways, accessible bathrooms, grab bars in key locations, good lighting, single-floor living, and much more.
  • Socialization: Loneliness and isolation are linked to a decline in health among older people. Feeling alone contributes to depression, unintended weight loss or gain, loss of core strength, diabetes, and cardiac disease. In an assisted living community, residents benefit from formal and informal activities to join throughout the day and evening. Card clubs, fitness classes, art workshops, and volunteer projects are just a few of the daily opportunities.
  • Transportation: One of the most popular services in assisted living communities is transportation. Residents can go on planned community outings, such as to a local restaurant, zoo, museum, park, or shopping mall. In addition, they can schedule transportation to and from appointments. For seniors who have given up driving, its a way of maintaining a sense of independence.
  • Nutrition: Depending on the community, residents usually enjoy a variety of in-house dining options. From quick bistros to more formal, restaurant-style meals, there is something to meet every desire. An older adult who moves to an assisted living community might find their health improves simply by having easy access to well-balanced meals.
  • Medication management: Care providers will also take over the worries of managing a residents medications. Theyll assist at dosage time, order refills, and watch for adverse reactions. Its a service that brings peace of mind to residents and their loved ones.

Schedule an In-Person or Virtual Tour

The best way to learn more about the benefits of assisted living is by scheduling a personal tour. At Sunrise communities, we offer in-person and virtual tours for older adults and their loved ones. Call (888) 434-4648 today to set up a time!

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