Job interviews can be stressful.Many times, the anticipation of interviewing is the worst part.No matter how well-qualified you are, not knowing what to expect can cause anxiety.

That often makes it tough to settle down and listen to what the interviewer has to say.One way to help minimize the stress and anxiety you feel heading into an interview is to spend some time preparing answers to commonly asked questions.You can also create a list of thoughtfully researched questions to ask the interviewer.Interview Questions You Might Be Asked Tell me about yourself.Interviewers often use this question as an icebreaker, but dont be fooled into thinking your answer isnt important.You can convey a lot with this response.

This is your chance to talk about your experience and career path, along with your goals for the future.Walk me through your resume.This is a very popular question to ask an interviewee.You can use it to showcase the progression of your career.

Talk about the skills youve built at each place of employment, building up to how they can all be applied in the position you are interviewing for.Why do you want to work at this company?Put your pre-interview research to good use when you answer this question.Avoid generic answers.

For example, discuss some of the companys successes or how they have a reputation for investing in employees.Why do you want this job?Tie this answer, too, into what youve learned about the company during your research.Think about what experience and abilities you have to offer, and how that could benefit the organization.

What are your greatest strengths?Pick a few of your strengths that correlate with the needs of this company and the position you are interviewing for and discuss those.While its okay to share what you are good at, you dont want to sound like youre bragging.Its also helpful to provide concrete examples whenever possible.

What are your biggest weaknesses?While we all have weaknesses, be cautious in how you answer this question.When it comes to discussing a weakness, its helpful if you can find a way to show you are working on it or describe how it actually benefits your work.For example, if youve always been on the shy side, talk about the steps youve taken to overcome it.

Or if you are a perfectionist, explain that being detail oriented is helpful to your career.Tell me about a challenge or conflict youve faced at work and how you dealt with it.In asking this question, the potential employer is trying to determine how well you work with others.Make sure whatever scenario you discuss allows you to show that you are a team player who gets along well with colleagues.

Tell me about a time you failed.What you learn when things dont go as planned is as important to growth as your successes.As mentioned earlier, though, how you present it is key.When you talk about a failure, also share what it taught you and how it benefited you in the long run.

Why are you leaving your current job?This is a question youll undoubtedly be asked.Tread lightly when answering it! Stay positive, even if the situation you are trying to leave behind is a challenging one.Instead, talk about the limited opportunities for advancement and your desire to learn new skills and grow.

How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?Theres no getting around the fact that senior living and health care can be stressful industries.How you react to the pressure is important.The best answers will showcase how you can remain calm (pausing and taking a deep breath) and think through tough situations.

What do you like to do outside of work?While employers want team members who are committed to the organization, most recognize the importance of downtime.Talk about volunteer work or community agencies you are involved with or trips youve taken.Highlight activities that show you are interested and curious about the world.

How do you like to be managed?Few employers have the staff to provide constant oversight and direction.But they also need employees who will take direction well and not create division within the organization.So, an answer that strikes a balance between the two extremes will likely connect well.

Where do you see yourself in five years?Most employers are looking for a candidate who is ambitious but wont job hop at the first sign of a better opportunity.This might be a chance to ask about the organizations career paths and whether they are committed to promoting from within.That will allow you to answer that you are looking for a company you can grow with over the years.

What are your salary expectations?You can be certain this is another question youll be asked, especially if the company is really interested in you.While you can try to turn the question around to ask what the range for the position is, it doesnt always work.Thats why its important to research the company and its salaries as best you can ahead of time.

If you dont have any insider connections, sites like and Glassdoor might be useful.Finally, be ready for the interviewer to inquire whether you have any questions for them.Its important to prepare a list of questions in advance.Some will likely have been answered during the interview, and its fine to say, for example, I think youve answered many of my questions already, but I do have a few more on my list.Careers at ASCIf you are looking for a career in a fast-growing industry, senior living might be a solution.

And theres no better choice than American Senior Communities.With the wide range of positions we offer, from hands-on caregivers to sales and culinary team members, youll likely find an opportunity thats a good fit.Review our current openings and apply online today!

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