Meet Kevin, one of our newest additions to the Senior Planet team, who is bringing Senior Planet curriculum to the Vietnamese-speaking population of Maryland! What led you to becoming a Senior Planet Trainer?Ive always loved teaching.I taught a lot of computer classes for various corporations over the past ten years.And Ive always loved the idea of being able to help.

When this opportunity came to be able to help senior folks, I knew it would be a good thing.What are some of your favorite parts of the job?The best part is being able to help the participants navigate a tech savvy world.Its rewarding on a daily basis.Even teaching something like emojis, for example.

When the participants understand what this new thing is and how to use it, their first instinct is to share it with their grandchild or son or friend.Which classes do you teach in Vietnamese? Right now, we are focusing on the Online Basics Series, covering everything from how to connect to the internet and to protecting your personal information online.We started a few months ago and its expanding quickly! (Check out our online Vietnamese language offerings here!)What are your passions outside of work?I love to spend time with my son.Hes coming up to be three years old now, so Im enjoying reading to him all the books that I used to like as a kid.Plus I love to run, shoot pool, and travel! What does aging with attitude mean to you?To me, it is all about curiosity.

Once your curiosity is tapped into, it opens into many different areas.Pam Hugi is Senior Planets Community and Advocacy Manager.Based in Brooklyn, she is a contributing writer for this site.

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