By Amie Dufek Business Manager, Willow Bridge Property CompanyI took a sunrise walk toward the Wando waterfront while listening to a favorite podcast.This particular mornings message resonated with each step as the conversation was about navigating change and cultivating resilience.What aligns more with possibility than a message about embracing change before the sunrise of a new day? Everything in nature goes through change and we all have unique ways to move through it one step at a time.Within a career in multifamily real estate, and especially as a manager of Active Adult (55+) apartments, we are introduced to those who are at the precipice of a new chapter of life.

When we meet prospective residents and their families, they are approaching or in the midst of a big life decision.Emotions may be heightened as the decision-making process spans a good deal of time, often among many interested parties.As with many big decisions, it is layered and textured by the various choices one has ahead.For those of us welcoming seniors and their families to these new chapters, we recognize that change impacts people very differently.

If we are fortunate, we also will have the privilege of years and be able to carry wisdom to our future.Whether lifes big decisions arrive on our own timeline or with resistance, change will move us along with either a smile or struggle.So, we all must learn how to embrace change as we turn the page to a new chapter.In my professional capacity, I am grateful to learn from those who have experienced change.

Working among seniors uplifts me when I see the removal of perceived limits having the freedom to explore new interests.Lifes changes become pure potential each new day.In advanced years, growing older now means blooming which is counter to societys former expectation of downshifting and slowing down.

As I pondered the themes of the podcast and connected the dots with real-life application, I garnered a few simple insights to guide in lifes transitions and embracing the next step.Live with the questions.You do not have to have all the answers now just trust.You rest, you rust keep moving.Do not allow the unknown to inhibit the next step forward.Have a plan, but let it breathe.

Balance expectations with possibility.Find your tribe immerse in community.Both commonalities and differences enrich the mosaic of life connect with others who are experiencing change as well.In retrospect, we can recall moments in our lives that became a pivot point.We often recall the special people in our lives that helped us through that change to where we now sit in a new season of life, full of potential like a new sunrise.

A blank canvas can be daunting yet exciting as well.Change is constant and if we find grace and learn in the process of change, we begin to greet each day and every new chapter with anticipation and excitement.So now, lets look forward to turning the page.

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