The below recipe is excerpted from an article in Healthy Aging Magazine.To continue reading this article and more like it, log in or subscribe to Healthy Aging Magazine, the lifestyle magazine that is all about following your passion and what you can do rather than what you cant.Waldorf SaladMakes 4 servingsFor the Salad:2 large tart apples (like Granny Smith)2 stalks celeryFor the Mayonnaise Dressing:1 egg yolk (see note below)1/2 teaspoon ground mustard1/2 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon black pepper2 teaspoons lemon juice3/4 cup olive or canola oilOptional Items for Serving/Garnish:4 large applesBoston or butterhead lettuce leaves, washed and driedPeel apples and cut into 1/2-inch dice.

Trim ends off celery and cut into 1/2-inch dice.Place apples and celery in a medium bowl and set aside.To make the mayonnaise, place the egg yolk, mustard, salt, pepper, and lemon juice in a large deep bowl.Whisk very briskly until the mixture starts to form bubbles, about 12 minutes.Slowly add the olive oil a few drops at a time, stirring constantly with the whisk.

When it starts to thicken and emulsify, add the oil in a steady stream, still whisking vigorously until all the oil has been added.Combine about 1/2 cup of mayonnaise (or to taste) with the apples and celery.Stir to coat.For a fancy presentation, serve in apple cups.Using a paring knife, cut a circle around the stem end of 4 apples.

Scoop out the center with a melon baller or small spoon so that each apple is a thin-walled cup.(The inside part of the apple can be strained through a sieve to remove any core or pits and used to make applesauce or pudding.)If desired, cut the top edge of the apple cups into a zigzag pattern.Place the apple cups in cold water until ready to serve.To serve, drain apple cups and wipe dry.

Spoon Waldorf Salad into cups and place on Boston or butterhead lettuce leaves.NOTE: To avoid the risk of salmonella, use pasteurized eggs.Reprinted with permission from The Gilded Age Cookbook, Recipes and Stories from Americas Golden Era by Becky Libourel Diamond.Copyright 2023.Waldorf Salad Photo by Heather Raub of FrontRoom Images

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