A message from our Chief Operating Officer and proud military Veteran, Nick Stengle.

Dear Sunrise Residents and Families,

On behalf of theSunriseleadershipteam, it is my honor and privilegeto recognize and give thanks toallteam members, residents,and family members who have ever or arecurrently servingin themilitaryahead of Veterans Dayin the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canadathis week.Today, veterans represent a smaller and smaller percentage of the total population, yetwe allacknowledge the sacrificesveteranshave made, both big and small,in service to theirnationand amission fargreater thanthemselves.Thisserviceshould be a point of pride for all veterans.

While youmay know me as the newChief OperatingOfficerwhojoinedtheSunriseteamthis summer,I,like hundreds of other team members and residents,am also a proud military veteran.I earned a commission into the U.S. Air Force after graduating from theAir Force Academy in 1998andthen spentthe first11 years of mycareeras anAir Forceofficer. During that time, I servedas anF-15E instructor pilot, mission commander, Top Gun graduate, and Top Gun instructor pilot, and was assigned to many different duty stations and went on multiple combat and training deployments in the U.S. and around the world.The military was more than just a job for me, it was a passion.As Iprogressed in rank and responsibility, the mission-driven nature of the work and theconcept of selfless servicebegan to resonatewith me more and moreandeventuallybecame part of my DNA. That is something I carry with me still todayas an honored member of the Sunrise team.

I was ultimately drawn toSunrisebecause, much like the military,its an organizationthat has aclearmissionthatiscarried out bya group of hardworking,dedicated, highly skilledteam members. Our Sunriseteamshows up every day poisedtoprovide personalized, top-notchcareand make a real difference in the lives of all who call Sunrise home. The values of integrity, service, and excellence, which were central to my years in the Air Force,are allalso foundationalSunrisetenetsthat areembraced by and reflected in the work ofthis amazing team.

I am also proud to be a part of an organization the prioritizesand celebratesdiversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging among team members and residents. This includeswelcoming andpaying homage tothe hundreds of veterans who live andwork in our communities.Among our residentsareveterans fromall branches ofthe militarywho served inWWII, The Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War. Many of our team members veterans joined the military in thepost-9/11era,andsomestill some serve in the National Guardand Reserveswhen not in their Sunrise uniforms.

Many of our communities will hold special Veterans DayandRemembranceDayevents andactivitiesthis weekto honor those who have served.Iencourageyou to share your own inspiring stories of service and sacrifice andtotalk toyourcommunity leaders about how you cancelebratetheSunrise veterans in your life.Please alsovisit ourSunrise Salutes Our Veteranspage to see how else Sunrise honors those who have served and for information on unique benefits andsavingsveteran residentsmay qualify for.

To allourveterans, Iagainoffer my sincerest thanks andhope you have a greatVeteransDayor Remembrance Day!Thank you also toSunriseteam membersforserving in a different yet profoundlyimportant way andbringing joy, care, and meaningful moments into our communities everysingleday.

Warm Regards,

Nick Stengle

Sunrise Chief OperatingOfficer

With my family, after being hosed down for my fini flight (last flight in the Strike Eagle). This was at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.

Standing with my daughter, Elina, in front of a picture of a Strike Eagle that I was piloting.

Standing with my daughter, Elina, in front of a picture of a Strike Eagle that I was piloting.

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