We celebrate International Day of the World's Indigenous People on August 9.We need indigenous communities for a better world.There are an estimated 476 million indigenous peoples in the world living across 90 countries.

They speak an overwhelming majority of the worlds estimated 7,000 languages and represent 5,000 cultures.They make up less than 5 percent of the worlds population, yet account for 15 percent of the poorest.Indigenous peoples have sought recognition of their identities, their way of life, and their right to traditional lands, territories and natural resources for years.A few questions that are typically asked about this day:What is the meaning of indigenous people?Indigenous peoples areinheritors and practitioners of unique cultures and ways of relating to people and the environment.

They have retained social, cultural, economic and political characteristics that are distinct from those of the dominant societies in which they live.Does indigenous mean Native American?Indigenous means the original inhabitants of a given land or region.Indigenouspeoples ofAmerica has the same generalmeaningas Native Americans, and many people prefer this term's inclusivity.The term Indigenous makes it clear that they occupied the land first, without assigning theAmericannationality."Native Americans" (as defined by the United States Census) are Indigenous tribes that are originally from the contiguous United States, along with AlaskaNatives.

Indigenous peoples of the United States who are notAmerican Indianor AlaskaNativeincludeNativeHawaiians, Samoans, and Chamorros.We would like to recognize the contributions made by Native Americans on this day and celebrate Presbyterian Senior Living residents, family members and team members in this community.To learn more about the contributions and history of Indigenous People; you may visit the websites below: International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples | United Nations

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