On October 11, 2021, MariaDavlantesbegan her role as the Chief Marketing Officer for Sunrise Senior Living.Click here to learn more about Maria and her career journey.

Hello, Friends of Sunrise!

I am excited andhonoredto join the Sunrise Senior Living family as the new Chief Marketing Officer.It is important to me to be apart of an organization that is firmly grounded in serving with a purpose, and at Sunrise, I have found such amovement as we work to champion quality of life for all seniors.

As Ive immersed myself inSunrises unique and lasting culture, Ive seen firsthand howourpassionate and devoted team membersdeliverourmission every day across every community throughout the U.S. and Canada, and Idont think I couldhave joined at a better time.Not only is the company poised to grow and bring the joy of Sunrise to even more families, but the strength, innovation,and endurance of this incredible brand shines through asthe companygets ready to celebrate its 40thanniversary in service later this year.Its no exaggeration to say that Sunrises resident-centricapproachredefinedsenior livingwhentheKlaassensfirst introduced it. Today,itcontinues to thrive andprovidesa differentiated product routed in personalized care and service.How humbling to be a part of an organization with such anamazinglegacyanda purpose-drivenmissionthat can continue to benefit so many.

Like all great brands, I love that Sunrise remains grounded in its founding principlesof service and core valuesthat first made it great while continuing to grow and adapt to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.Well continue to do this by listeningtoboth our current customers and those whoareconsideringSunrisefor theirfamilies because we know that frequent, open,and honest communication with our customers is key.We need to have a deep understanding ofhow we are bringing value to each familyandhonor that whileidentifyingother ways Sunrise can champion quality of life. We willcontinuallygatherandacton feedbackas well asclosely partner with our residents, their families,and our referral partnersto further enhance our offering for today and our bright future.

I also look forward tolooking for new opportunities to enhance the experience for thoselooking to learn more about howsenior living may help their loved ones. As a daughter, Iknow that seeking support for your cherished parentscan be confusing,and I aspire to continue to position Sunrise as avaluableresource for all. What toolsorsupportcan we offer onlineor in our communitiesto support families? How can weenhance educational opportunities to benefit the local communities that we serve?Im focused on helping more seniors and their families become familiar with and take advantage of the Sunrise differenceand cannot wait to visit more communities and teams to watch our mission in action and hear how we can make even more of an impact.

As I begin this exciting new journey, Im reminded of a favorite quote by Interface founder Ray Anderson,there is no more strategic issue for a company or any organization than its ultimate purpose. For those who think business exists to make a profit, I suggest they think again. Business makes a profit to exist.Butsurely it must exist for some higher, nobler purpose than that.Bringing personalized care, comfort, dignity, and meaningful moments to the lives of our beloved residents is one of the highest and noblest purposes I can think of, and Im honored to begin this endeavor together.


Sunrise Chief Marketing Officer

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